Brokers and consultants recommend RestoreResilience to their clients to provide support during these uncertain times.

Broker and consultants are augmenting existing EAPs with RestoreResilience. Here’s why.


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COVID-19 changed the way businesses communicate and support their employees. While traditional EAPs provide a wide range of services, during a crisis, these solutions can be difficult to navigate and unintentionally add a layer of anxiety for employees. RestoreResilience is an always-available program delivered via your smartphone or computer. And, it’s always one click away.

Each person is paired with a live, personal health coach to schedule 1:1 calls or text sessions at whatever frequency they need. Our focus is on stress and anxiety, with additional health content in the areas of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Simply—we fit into employees’ lives to help them reduce their stress, build resiliency, and increase their productivity.

RestoreResilience is the program that brokers and consultants are presenting to their customers because it is the most compelling and helpful solution for this time!

Employees Use RestoreResilience

Working at a community hospital, although it is very rewarding, can get a stressful. I see Resilience helping not only me, but a lot of my colleagues who work day in and day out without a chance to think about their own health when caring for others.

Dawn - 58 Years Old

Jason - 29 Years Old

"I really enjoyed the RestoreTV session because it was interactive and that you were able to share live feedback to the group. It really made me think about sticking to the healthy habits I have already and how to introduce new habits."

Sarah - 34 Years Old

"I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I’m looking forward and feeling more positive than I have in a long time!"

"My coach helped me create healthy boundaries between work and home life which I desperately needed. I even learned that small things make a big difference - such as taking a 5 minute walk before a meeting or turning all electronics for my lunch break.

RestoreResilience was critical in helping me develop a new routine and find healthy habits that are sustainable for the future. I recently noticed I now handle stressful moments better by practicing some of the exercises from RestoreTV and lessons."

Tara - 49 Years Old

"I did my first RestoreTV session today and learned a new breathing exercise. I know I’ll use this to help me in the future. I can’t wait to check out other resources in the knowledge center on dealing with a crisis. Thanks again for offering support especially during this time."

Jared - 43 Years Old

Client Stories

Affinity Solutions

"As we all move forward to a 'new normal' within our workplaces — with our teams all working remotely and having to manage the blur between work and home life — we're seeing the significant impact this is having on our people. We wanted to do whatever we could to alleviate the stress and anxiety this has caused," said Jonathan Silver, CEO Affinity Solutions.

Coastal Medical Transportation Services LLC.

"Recognizing the burden COVID-19 has caused individuals fighting on the frontlines of the pandemic, we as an organization wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could to support our employees through these unprecedented times," said Alex Theoharidis, President, CEO, and Founder of Coastal.

Some of Our Clients

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This program can be launched with your company’s branded signup page and delivered within 24-48 hours of a signed agreement.

This program can be launched with your company’s branded signup page and delivered within 24-48 hours of a signed agreement.